Work With Us

At The Best Bulletproof Vest, we have a great appreciation for our extended affiliate team, they are a vital part of our business and would love to have you on board! We offer several types of affiliations all with best in the industry compensation. We guarantee that we offer the highest affiliate compensation nationwide.

Ready to work with The Best Bulletproof Vest today we’re always hiring and looking for good affiliates!


Social Media Affiliate

Our social media affiliates are often YouTube creators (or other social media creators) who focus on the guns, arms and armor communities who have audiences interested in learning more about bulletproof vests. 

Our program allows us to send you one of our products to feature in a video and other social media posts and provides you with a unique coupon code for your viewers which will generate a commission for you when used to make a purchase. 



Brick and Mortar Affiliate

Our brick and mortar affiliates are typically gun shop owners who are interested in stocking our products in their stores.

We offer special introductory packages, competitive pricing models,  just-in-time restocking, full customer support and much more.

Our flexible and comprehensive program can be tailored to your shop’s needs and interests, we’re happy to work with you to accommodate your requirements. 



We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of The Best Bulletproof Vest team!