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This tactical bulletproof vest is available in all protection levels up to full LEVEL  4 – NIJ III+ (Max). All vests are field and laboratory tested and feature only armor plates with strike faces that far exceed government and NIJ standards. We only use armor plates successfully torture tested and approved by independent government sanctioned laboratories.


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We only make 1 vest because there can only be 1 best bulletproof vest. It’s that simple. We make a the best product at a low price! No expense has ever been spared when developing this armor or the vest. We only offer body armor that exceeds government, law enforcement, and military standards by a wide margin. All testing is also performed at impartial 3rd party government accredited weapons labs. Every piece of body armor is inspected, tested, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA. We believe proper testing and assembly can only happen in the U.S and at government approved arms testing facilities. keeping clients alive is our only concern and with a 100% success rate its safe to say we’re the best at it.

The Armor

All body armor exceeds United States government standards for body armor & ballistic resistance provided through the U.S Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice. The Best Bulletproof vest is guaranteed and proven to be the best body armor the world has to offer. The Best Bulletproof vest is inspected, tested, manufactured, assembled, and hand made in the USA. Then tested in U.S government sanctioned weapons laboratories to exceed all government regulations both for NIJ Standard-0115.00 for spike and blade protection and NIJ Standard-0101.06 for ballistic protection.

“The NIJ standard is the only nationally accepted standard for the body armor worn by law enforcement “
-The United States National Institute of Justice

All of our body armor, ballistic vests, bulletproof backpacks, and ancillary items exceed United States government standards for body armor & ballistic resistance provided through the U.S Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice. We continually outperform all current government assessment metrics and standards In addition to exceeding all ballistic levels we also exceed all puncture protection, spike resistance, spall mitigation, slash defense, shrapnel shielding, edged blade resistance tests & stab proof armor analysis and benchmarks.

Armor Warranty period

10 years. All of our vests are meant to be a one time purchase. They are produced with solid state armor that doesn’t degrade regardless of conditions or temperature. They are not UV sensitive like some non-Newtonian composite materials (Kevlar, Aramid, etc) and therefore our products can be exposed to harsh elements without any degradation of materials or reduction in ballistic resistance. Our customers safety is are #1 concern. We place that above profit with the materials we use and the painstakingly precise manner in which we manufacture each vest. We spare no expense when it comes to the safety of our customers. So If for any reason you suspect your vest is anything less than perfect contact us immediately and we’ll replace it.

The Vest

The Best Bulletproof not only offers the highest quality body armor available in the U.S, but the tactical vests and armor plate carriers that hold the bulletproof ballistic inserts or armor plates must also meet our insane quality standards. Below we have provided a brief overview of just a few of the tactical advancements implemented into our ballistic vest plate carrier systems. All features come standard with all of our bulletproof vest packages. This only provides information on the armor carrying system (the vest) we have alternative resources for more details on the armor plates included.

“We coordinated with current and former military personnel in multiple branches of the armed forces. We also received detailed consulting from paramilitary forces and mercenary units to hone our vest down to the most utilitarian design while still implementing the most useful tactical achievements that integrate seamlessly and perform in both the lab and on the field.”

Perfect fit Guarantee: We guarantee our specialized tactical adjustment module will ensure every vest will fits perfectly for operators of any size. If for any reason your vest is not an absolutely perfect fit, we will modify the vest and have it custom tailored to your exact specifications.

Durability: All vests are given a full lifetime warranty. The plate carrier is comprised of a breathable yet rugged 600X600D material that is guaranteed to last in any and all conditions. So feel free to use the vest in any way you deem necessary. Even after multiple field tests we’ve haven’t been able to break down the materials even when we’re trying to damage the vest in extreme conditions with aggressive use.
If you can break this vest we’d love to hear about how, then send you a brand new one-Field Testing Department

Sizing: This vest comes with our perfect fit guarantee. Regardless of your size or weight the tactical adjustment module and adjustable stability harness included with this vest is guaranteed to fit both male and female users of all sizes. If for any reason the vest does not fit 100% perfectly we will take your measurements at our own expense then modify the vest and have it custom tailored to your exact specifications absolutely free.

MOLLE: Is a military term meaning Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. Molle webbing on the vest allows you to attach a wide range of accessories to accomplish a full custom tactical load out fine tuned to your exact specification. MOLLE allows you to safely and securely carry multiple attachments plus our quick draw Molle attachment design allows you to adapt to ever changing scenarios in the field and modify your supplier reservoir & complete tactical loadout seamlessly on the go.

Versatility: This vest is fully modular and utilizes a specialized military webbing that allows you too customize multiple load outs and modify your vest to carry a variety of additional supplies. The vests integrated body armor plate compartments allows for included comfort padding and interchangeable armor plates and trauma pads with a fully secure closure system to ensure all armor plates and included attachments remain in place when not adjusting your load out.


Our armor is tested right here in the United States by government accredited weapons laboratories. Any armor used in our vests must not only meet government weapons grade standards but exceed them by a significant margin in order to ensure that our ballistic vests are far superior even to those held to national and law enforcement standards. That’s why all business operations, sourcing, materials, testing, and assembly are performed here and only here in the United States. To ensure proper oversight and execution on every vest.



Additional information


United States Government Approved Weapons Laboratory


In house only, individual handcrafted and inspected in our U.S weapons facility

Ballistic Resistance

Exceeds NIJ III Standard-0101.06, surpassing both military and law enforcement levels of protection

Spike Protection

NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00

Edged Blade Protection

NIJ III – Maximum Government Standard-0115.00

Vest Warranty



One size doesn’t ever truly fit all, so we made a modular fully adjustable vest that changes into any size.