Our body armor is meticulously engineered and outperforms government, law enforcement, and military standards. We use only the highest quality, lab tested, super dense, American made armor plates. All of our Bulletproof Vests exceed United States government standards for body armor and ballistic resistance provided through the U.S Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice. All Armor also exceeds all government stab and spike protection benchmarks. Every piece of body armor is inspected, tested, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA. All testing is also performed at impartial 3rd party government accredited weapons labs. We believe proper testing and assembly can only happen in the U.S and at government approved arms testing facilities. We manufacture only one bulletproof vest and it truly is The Best Bullet Proof Vest.

Our armor is tested exclusively by government accredited weapons laboratories based in the United States. Any armor used in our vests must not only meet government weapons grade standards but exceed them by a significant margin in order to ensure that our ballistic vests are far superior even to those held to national, military, and law enforcement standards. That’s why all business operations, sourcing, materials, testing, and assembly are performed only in the United States. To ensure proper oversight and execution on every vest.

The standards for body armor set by the government are published and maintained by the NIJ, the National Institute for Justice. The NIJ has separate standards for ballistic protection and stab protection and all of our armor exceeds both of these standards. NIJ standard 0101.06 describes the qualifications for ballistic protection and sets 5 levels of protection, depending on the caliber of ammunition they defend against. All of our armor meets and exceeds NIJ III  (level 5) standards.

As outlined in the NIJ ballistic standards, all of our armor plates are tested by government certified third party weapons testing laboratories in order to ensure the highest quality of safety for every plate. In order for plates to be NIJ certified they go through a rigorous tourture test consisting of drops, rapid temperature changes, repeated strikes and more. The plates are tested for their ballistic protection both before and after the torture test to be absolutely positive that they provide the stated protection even after years of wear and tear. You know you can depend on The Best Bulletproof Vest.

Additionally, our armor exceeds the standards set by NIJ III standard 0115.00 for stab protection from both edged blades and spikes. An edged blade is any commercially machine blade that you might come across in a normal “on the street” situation. A spike is defined as a homemade or improvised blade, most commonly associated with a corrections environment. This level of stab protection also conveys shrapnel protection to our users. You can feel safe and confident when you are wearing The Best Bulletproof Vest.