The Best Bulletproof Vest isn’t just a name it is what we do and it’s all we do. We only make 1 vest because there is only 1 best bulletproof vest. We have a singular goal and that’s to produce the most advanced and safest bulletproof vests available anywhere. Our body armor is over engineered and outperforms government, law enforcement, and military standards. We use only the highest quality, lab tested, super dense, American made armor plates. All body armor exceeds United States government standards for body armor & ballistic resistance provided through the U.S Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice. All Armor Also exceeds all government stab and spike protection benchmarks. Every piece of body armor is inspected, tested, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA. All testing is also performed at impartial 3rd party government accredited weapons labs. We believe proper testing and assembly can only happen in the U.S and at government approved arms testing facilities. We manufacture just 1 bulletproof vest and it truly is The Best Bullet Proof Vest.


We started this company with one goal: Make the best bulletproof vest available. Our number one priority has always been and always will be to keep our customers safe. We only make one vest and it has been painstakingly engineered, developed, sourced and tested to be the highest performing bulletproof vest commercially available. We never spare expenses or cut corners to save money during our product development to ensure that the quality of our armor would be unmatched. All of the materials for our armor are sourced from right here in the USA and every vest is tested, hand assembled and certified by our team of expert ballistic professionals.  We believe that the best quality products are American made and our vests will always be produced with American goods. 


Our company and all of our staff believe in your right to keep yourself and your family safe from any threat and we make armor products to help you do that. We wish there was no market for bulletproof backpacks, but sadly that is the world we live in these days. If our children need bulletproof backpacks, then we want to be able to provide excellence and perfection in the products we offer to be certain of the safety of all of our customers and users. When you purchase The Best Bulletproof Vest you are joining our family and we are here to help you. We want to be your first choice source for the American made bulletproof products you need in your life.

As we grow our company we are building a community of like minded, safety focused individuals who believe in our goal and mission. From curating an expert and highly trained staff to building a collaborative internship program and a strong network of sales affiliates around the country we are working every day to build a better version of ourselves so we can continue to provide you with The Best Bulletproof Vest. 

What makes The Best Bulletproof Vest Different?

TheBestBulletproofVest.com manufactures the best bulletproof vest on the market. It’s that simple. We make a better product at a better price! From the companies inception it was always about the safety of the customer.The corporation was designed from the ground up to deliver a better vest at a lower price. That’s why no expense has ever been spared when developing this armor. Its not about slightly better or mitigation we take no half measures its about perfection and excellence. We only offer armor that exceeds government standards by a wide margin.We only offer armor that can accommodate full edged blade, stab, and spike resistance above the United States Government’s maximum ratings. Our hard armor is safer and more effective than any other. Softer armor is weaker and may degrade over time, reducing it’s ballistic vest protection ratings. We make a vest that outperforms EVERY standard from day 1 and stays that way past year 10 and we guarantee it, because other body armor companies may specialize in buoyancy or weight reduction but keeping clients alive is our only concern and at a 100% success rate its safe to say we’re the best at it.